Dame Janet Gaymer  
Dame Janet Gaymer
  Books and Publications

Dame Janet has published numerous articles and contributed for many years to the academic, trade and popular media.

In 2001 her book “The Employment Relationship” was published by
Sweet & Maxwell. In this book she examines the changing nature of the employment relationship and offers thoughts on the future of the contract of work. In 2002, she contributed to “European Employment Law and the UK ” published by Sweet & Maxwell.

She is the general editor of “Employment and Labour Law”, published in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010 as part of the European Lawyer Reference series. Also, in 2006, she contributed to “The Changing Institutional Face
of British Employment Relations”, published by Kluwer.

She is a Member of the Editorial Advisory Boards of Sweet & Maxwell's Encyclopaedia of Employment Law and "Discrimination in Employment" by Tucker and George. She is a former member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Tolley's “Health & Safety at Work”.


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